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Mum (Mom)
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moderation - but keep in mind any dark soda whether caffeine free or not is just not healthy. Im a Pepsi girl, Dr Pepper girl - i didnt stop cuz my pregnancy - I stopped because my daughters dentist advised me it in no way shape or form is good. He said if you like the bubbles drink Sprite- not even mountain dew. Plus Dark sodas are in no way shape o form god for your kidneys. At all. I drink sprite and hated sprite but _ it works surprisingly when I want some fizz. I used to drink coffee every morning as Im addicted to caffiene but I switched to Hot chocolate or Cappucino on occasion. Only because of my coffee aversions now. I cant take the smell of it. In fact talking about it now makes me want to barf. UUGGH... but seriously- Im not a person that follows the list- but when it comes to the dark soda- absolutely - I eliminated for the sake of my teeth and kidneys. Key is Moderation.

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Something important to keep in mind is that sodas contain phosphoric acid which some researchers say leaches calcium from your bones and/or interferes with calcium absorption.

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Thanks everyone for replies. I suffer with really bad sickness when I'm pregnant and sometimes fizzy drinks help the sickness. I haven't been drinking any coke and I got myself some orange fizzy fanta the other day. X

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Mum (Mom)
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I think with anything in moderation is fine x

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