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How/when did you tell people?

Obviously as soon as I found out I was expecting again I told my OH then I told my really close friend. Something happened so she had to tell my Mam about it. I dropped it into conversation with my Nana we were talking about DS1 birthday party and said "we're starting a little (9 months!!) early this year as it's going to be an expensive year this year" she paused for a while and said "how comes it's gonna be an expensive year" and I just casually came out with "we'll there is another due in November" lmao!

My Dad on the other hand it took me 2 weeks to get the courage to tell him! (by my age he already had 2 children!) and I sent him this picture...

OH still hasn't told his Mam or Dad just yet! And I am after ideas how to tell my friends on Facebook! Want to do something a little different then how I told my Dad :-).

So come on show your pictures!

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Aww so sweet i love that picture.

My mam, dad & gran know i told them straight away and a few friends.

None of OH family know, were going head to beach and write in sand, take pic with our feet in plus pair baby footwear and put this onto some announcement type cards and invite family around for food and drinks one weekend and hand them our cards which will be nice keepsake too (ill still be sending these to my family even though my parents know)

cards will double up as facebook annoucement to rest of family and friends x

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I told DH and my m-i-l as soon as I got my BFP. My m-i-l was like, "What? Why are you telling me NOW?" but I explained the my progesterone supplements were making me very dizzy and tired and since we work together alot (we work at our family business), I wanted her to know in case I fainted or something odd. I also told my chiropractor right away as he has to do certain adjustments differently and took me off some of the supplements he had me on. My mom, sis, s-i-ls, and best friend all found out around 6-7 weeks as pregnancy complications forced me to cancel vacation plans and I needed babysitters for ultrasound appts and such. I didn't tell anyone else until I hit 15 weeks though and basically just announced it on FB at that point since all our immediate family knew by then. With my other kids, I told m-i-l ASAP (for the same reason I stated above) but the rest of the family found out around 11 weeks and we spread the news to the world at 12-13 weeks once family knew. Just did word of mouth and FB. Thought it would be fun to do a cutesy announcement pic but the most creative I've gotten was a very short 4 line poem for this bubs stating the DS was a winter baby, DD was a fall baby, so guess I've got a pattern and baby #3 will be a summer baby.

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My OH and my daughters are Lego crazy so we are going to buy Lego figures that look like us all, surrounded by the scan photo.

I'm holding out until my 18-20 week scan to announce it if I can. We haven't told anyone yet due to make having 2 miscarriages in 2 years so want to make sure everything is ok.

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