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I have been through them 4 times whilst pregnant. To be honest it never came to mind not to

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Originally Posted by poppy View Post
I flew to Birmingham this weekend (am about 5 weeks) and beeper going through the metal detector thing. The lady asked me to stand in the scanner thing. I told her that I am very early pregnant but she just looked exasperated and said it is perfectly safe in pregnancy. She asked me if I was going to refuse the scanner - I just felt flustered and pressured so just stood in the scanner. She didn't offer me a pat down.

I was worried about it but checked on the internet and it says it's safe - it's not an X-Ray machine. It apparently just scans at skin level with minimal rays omitted but being absorbed at skin level. I suppose loads of pregnant air stewardess and pilots go through it everyday, many not realising they're not pregnant.

that is horrible and ridiculous
i definitely would have said why yes in fact i am refusing is there a problem?
and filed a complaint against her
ugh i cant stand police officers and TSA officers
their job is not to make you feel intimated or oppressed
their job is to serve you (the public)

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Originally Posted by poppy View Post
...although I feel nervous now reading your replies!
It's really only an issue when it's done repeatedly aka if you're a frequent flier. If you go through it once, although not ideal, it shouldn't cause harm. But for me, if I know it causes problems eventually, I'd prefer just to avoid it altogether. And if the agents seem flustered, well...tough on them, I couldn't care less if I make you huff and puff mr/s agent person haha! I just don't even bother with the metal detector and up front ask for a pat down and never say that it's because I'm pregnant, they don't need to know and I don't have to tell why =)

They aren't Dr's and if (as a VERY frequent flier lol) we're told as crew members to avoid them due to radiation levels that would come from how often WE go through them....well, that's enough for me!!! haha So yeah, just to clarify, flight crew NEVER goes through the full body scanner, only the metal detector if needed. We are told and instructed to never go through the scanners by both our airlines and the TSA.

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