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Mine also felt as though they were bruised, mainly on the sides. They look and feel bigger, especially when im getting into bed, for some reason.

But I haven't had the need to get a new bra. If I catch my nipples its more painful than it normally would have been! x

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Mum (Mom)
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mine were slightly sore from the beginning (but they always are around AF) mainly the nipples were more sore/sensitive but they weren't uncomfortable.

I'm also 34b and they have felt full the whole time but this morning I actually noticed that they look and feel bigger, not by much yet though.. think it must have happened overnight but no real pain. OH has also noticed that they are bigger too.

So i think this is the start of the growth spurt, although I hope they don't go too big as they'll only shrink again after the birth.

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Mine were really sore around 4-5 weeks, but now my nipples are just reallyy sensitive. They have grown though, I've gone from a 34B to a 34D. Some of that is probably just weight gain, but I've never been above a C in my life so

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Thanks so much for all the feedback girls, its fascinating how different everyone is! I think I am just really wanting something to happen, anything really, to make me feel pregnant and that this is actually happening!!!

Got my first scan two weeks today so fingers crossed that will do it!! xx

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Sore boobies were my very first symptom at only 3 weeks - I hadn't even got my BFP back then. The soreness appeared literally overnight and was quite painful for the first week or so. Now they only really hurt when I'm lying down and for a few seconds after removing my bra. I'd describe the sensations as heavy, tender and feeling swollen.

Strangely, I've only noticed that my nipples are sensitive today and it is literally the nipples themselves, not the area around them.

I have changed bras, but it's difficult to say what the size difference really is as size varies greatly between brands and I'm using a different brand to normal. I usually wear 30E Freya or Rigby & Pellar, but I switched to a softcup 32DD from Debenhams which I have grown out of in about 2 weeks lol. I am now wearing a softcup 30F Royce nursing bra with 30G on standby. I didn't really want a nursing bra, but that's the only one they had in town in my size and I can always use it after the birth too! Not bad for only 4 each either (got them from TJ Hughes).

Oh, I can't wear underwire any more, that's made it even more of a pain to find a suitable bra - I never realised how few softcups are available in comparison, especially in large cup sizes for smaller people.

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Hey ladies.
My nipples are slightly more sensitve and bbs just feel a bit heavier. Not bigger tho....
They feel a bit achey from time to time, but not too uncomfortable....I guess that will follow!!

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Mine nipples are just a bit sore and it started in week 5. before that...nothing. Mine are 32DD and have not gotten any bigger.

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My nipples were the first to get sore (at about 5DPO!) and then the boobs followed at around 10 or 11DPO. I have that bruised feeling that other ladies have and they've grown quite a bit, for me at least! I'm quite small...barely fitting into a 34B, but now I'm definitely filling out the cup! I actually hate them right now -- they hurt when I walk downstairs and when I sleep on my belly at night! I've wanted a larger rack all my life and now that I have it, I want my little ones back!! I'm never satisfied!!

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