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Off to second tri 😊 a bit of reassurance for those with HG and bleeding before I go!

Hi lovely ladies,

I'm 14 weeks today (was put forward by a few days at my NT scan) so I'm off to second tri.

This is my third pregnancy but has been the most worrying as I was diagnosed with HG at 5 weeks and by 8 weeks was incapable of looking after myself let alone my girls!! Now I'm feeling much better, still taking cyclizine as I feel rough without it but I don't dread each day and I can eat and live a pretty much normal life 😊 my improvement happened at 11+6. It usually takes me until 20 weeks to get off cyclizine though but I can live with that.

I've bled red blood pretty much from day 1, I've had 3 'heavy' bleeds so had a scan at 6 weeks where we saw the heartbeat, one at 10 where we saw arm and legs forming after which the sonographer told me that despite the bleeding there was no point in me having anymore scans until my 'official' one (I couldn't have agreed more) the bleeding did slow a little but had another heavy bleed before my NT scan but yet again baby was very active and fine. They had a good check behind my placenta and couldn't see any signs of a bleed so have decided that the bleeding must be from my cervix. For those thinking it's all over if they bleed, that's not always the case 😊 I honestly don't know how I can have bled so much and still be pregnant!!

Hope this reassures some people and look forward to seeing you all in second tri soon xxxxx

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