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I guess a lot if not most women just don't know when they ovulated, I know I didn't! First one was an accident, this one was planned, but I didn't temp or use ovulation tests or it's just easier to go by LMP because most women will know when that was. To be honest a due date is really more like a due month anyway (38-42 weeks being the "normal" range of babies being born), so I don't think it matters too much.

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It can make a big difference if there's a big gap between assumed ovulation and actual ovulation when it comes to tests that have to happen at a particular time, or if baby is "early" or "late" and they're talking about interventions.

I understand why they go by LMP if you're not tracking ovulation, but I don't understand doctors and midwives who don't trust a patient who has been tracking. Who does that benefit?? If they're in doubt, an early dating scan should be fairly accurate, and they can go off of that. My midwife trusted me when I told her when I ovulated and adjusted my due date accordingly, even though it was only a difference of a day or two. I'm not sure I would have stuck around in her care if she hadn't taken me seriously (because what else is she not going to listen to?), but I know not everybody has that choice.

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I just told my midwife when I was due and she never questioned it or asked about LMP.

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I suppose the lmp way is the way they did dates before scans. I told my midwife when I ovulated and she estimated a later due date from that and then my dating scan put the due date later again.
This was the same for dd too.
I feel for my mum as her first three kids were induced as two weeks overdue going by lmp. I bet you we weren't overdue at all :-)

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