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Did anyone use ph test strips?

I ordered some ph papers the other day just for a bit of fun to test my urine levels to see the ph balance to see if my body was more acidic or alkaline to be receptive to male or female sperm

Do you just hold in your urine and wet the end and then just leave and wait? Thats what I did - and it hardly changed colour so classed as ph4 or 5, bu tit has a green edge around where the urine stopped.
Did I do it right?

Dont even know why Im bothering, just never heard of the idea so thought Id give it a go to add to my sign spotting games of boy/girl to pass the time lol!

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Mum (Mom)
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I was going to try this but don't know where to buy ph paper from. Seen Ph test strips for urine on amazon but they seem very expensive it's not worth it just for a bit of fun. If it's green does that mean you "might" be having a boy? xxx

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