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How common is slight bleeding after bowel movement?

I've been having stomach problems for a few days now where I just randomly have to run to the bathroom, this is super common for me in early pregnancy.

So today, I had a stomach attack and ran to the bathroom.....I had some diarrhea and when I wiped after, there was the lightest lightest pink spotting. Honestly I don't think I would have seen it if I wasn't looking for it because it was so light. It lasted for 2-3 wipes and then was gone and hasn't happened again all day. I've been reading online to not have sex if you experience this so I'm on a sex ban until I know things are okay.

Has this happened to any of you? Good sign or bad?

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All 3 of my pregnancies I have had a very minor episode of spotting around the 5 week mark, usually after a bowel movement, it ended up being nothing. I wouldn't stress, unless you have a lot of bright red bleeding or cramps its prob just a one off

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I had this at 6 weeks and 9 weeks. I've heard it's quite common

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I've had this with my second, third, and fourth (current) pregnancies. All of my former pregnancies resulted in perfectly healthy babies, and I'm 13 weeks along today with this one, so..... You can say it hasn't hurt anything. It is just the effects of a sensitive cervix, which is very, very common throughout first trimester and sometimes into early second tri. I am positive that this is just that silly sensitive cervix causing your spotting, too. It should be gone within a day or two, and my doctor tells me to avoid sex for a week (easily done in first tri, when it comes to me!).

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It happened with this LO, around the 4-5 week mark I spotted after a few BMs. The good news is baby is just fine, I saw him/her yesterday at my NT.

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