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wish- i'm doing the same. i've known so many people to wait til second tri and still lose their baby. there never is a set guarantee. so we're telling people straight away. just asking them to keep it off fb. so, we're telling family this weekend, and i'm only 4+2 today.

my family already knows. and a few friends. but seriously? i am so thrilled- i wanna share with everyone.

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We told our parents and a couple key people right away at four weeks. I had to tell my boss earlier than I wanted because I had complications and had to be in and out of work.

We did announce it to family at the six week mark, but I was six weeks exactly on Easter day, and the whole family was together - we just didn't want to miss the perfect opportunity.

We told the rest of the world around 13 weeks.

The only thing I regret is that we asked people to keep it private in case something happens, but my mother in law was so excited for her first grandchild that she marched up and down her street and told everyone, every single neighbor. I had to be firm with her and let her know that if something happened and we lost the pregnancy, that she'd be the one telling everyone because I sure as hell wasn't going to be marching my just miscarried self up and down her street spreading the news.

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1st- we told family at 6 weeks, Facebook at 7 weeks
2nd- we told family at 5/6 weeks, Facebook at 9 weeks
3rd- we told family at 5 weeks, Facebook at 12 weeks

This time, we'd love to wait and tell everyone when I'm 20 weeks, but we have to announce tomorrow because both our families will be coming over for DS2's birthday, and it's quite obvious that I'm pregnant.

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Mommyofone - we're so the same! I'm just going to enjoy every moment of it. Pregnant is pregnant no matter how far along you are!

Spiffy I'm curious - do you feel people judged you for announcing on fb before the 12 week mark? Or did anyone say anything about you announcing early? I'll probably not announce on fb until after the nuchal scan just because I think a lot of people would think 'omg what if she has a miscarriage before 13 weeks'

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This is our first pregnancy and after trying for 17months we were just bursting to at least let our family know. I found out at 3w3d - told both parents at about 4w1d and sisters and very close aunts and uncles a week later. I also told one of my really good friends who is currently pregnant and who also tried for a long time.

Once I'm closer to 12weeks - prob around 10.5weeks when we have our next scan, we will announce it to the rest of everyone else.

For us telling parents and very close family seems Ok as if somethin were to happen I know they wouldn't make an overly big deal of it and would be supportive to us.

I think it all depends on what kind of support u would need if somethin were to go wrong and also on your own friends and family.

Whatever we all decide as long as we are comfortable with our decision I think everything will be just fine!

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We told my dad yesterday!

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We told our parents and all of our family yesterday at 7w1d.

Unfortunately my boss and two coworkers had to be told because I have been so incredibly sick at work and I didn't want them to think I was slacking on my job. All of my other coworkers will find out on Friday at 8 weeks right after my first appointment and ultrasound.

A couple of friends will find out soon and my bestie knows but the public social media announcements will happen at 13 weeks. I'm a super open person so I would share publicly if I were to have a MC but I'd still like to be cautious.

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I told my mum very early on maybe 5 weeks? My sister close to 7 weeks. Inlaws were told around 11 weeks due to my morning sickness and as I live close to them they'd get suspicious lol! I told my close friends and some cousins the other day at 14 weeks and will wait to tell other friends after 16 weeks hopefully lol!

I don't do Facebook announcements but I'm in a whatsapp group with friends some who already know and I will drop a lil hint x

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I was going to announce with my 12 week scan but now in not sure i want to officially announce to everyone just yet! I haven't had my 12 wk scan yet anyway not sure when I will either, but last time at 10 weeks o shared a scan to the fb world now evem though people know, not everyone does and I quote like it that way tbh x

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