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laila 44
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Originally Posted by MamaE View Post
Chicken! Even with my 1st, it immediately smelled like a wet labrador retriever when it was cooked, and tasted like I licked the dog when I ate it. That was my tell that I was pregnant this time, I had chicken 1 night at a family dinner and just pushed it to the side... My husbands was like "Hmmm..." Just the idea of it turns my stomach.

Otherwise, beans (which I usually eat a ton of) blehhh...

Love, love, love yogurt now. Somehow my lactose intolerance has been pushed to the side. Pregnancy is so weird!!
Perfect description. On point. Now I'm going to puke ! Lol. Damned chicken it's the worst

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Eggs and coffee were always the worst. I only had mushroom soup and dry bread in the first tri with Sophie.

Midwives here advise against sushi because of a rice, not the fish, well my midwives did anyway. I alwaya made my own.

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Nachos and salsa used to be my favourite. I haven't had them since becoming pregnant. For some reason they just seem so unappealing now.

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Chocolate, water, and apparently my beloved fish and chips from the chipshop have all turned my stomach.. But I could eat my weight in cabbage and craving neat when usually eat very little.

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