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So nervous and excited

After months of deliberation, I'm giving my boss my 2 weeks notice tomorrow! I'm so nervous and excited, I can't sleep! I've devoted 10 years to a company I loved, then I got that boss from hell and hated the last 2. My husband earns plenty enough to support us, so I only stayed on because of my passion for my job. 2 weeks from tomorrow, I will officially upgrade from "employed full time" to "stay at home mom"!

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Congratulations!!! Becoming a "stay at home mom" was the biggest relief for me as well. It can be tiring but I find that it's a much happier environment. It's a big plus to always be there for my son and he definitely enjoys it.

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Congratulations. Sadly I am my own boss so short of writing myself a letter I'm stuck working for me haha!!

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