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Hiya I think im 3 weeks pregnant only thing is were going on holiday for the easter holidays.

It's only to allacante, South East spain. So it'll be about 25c
I've been so looking forward to this and wondering what all you ladies think in regards to being in the sun.
I would of corse love to have a few days lying down in it but don't want to do any harm to baby!
I wouldn't be in it in the hottest hours and if I'm honest I don't normally burn although my hair is fair my skin tans quite well.

Opinions please, xx

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No harm in this at all! Be extra careful with sun protection because your skin might be more sensitive than usual. Make sure you stay well hydrated, and just listen to your body if you feel like you need some extra rest or time out of the heat.

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I'm going to Alicante in May!

Don't worry just make sure you use a high factor drink plenty of water and don't sit in the sun all day!

Enjoy it x

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... They have pregnant women in Spain you know . You'll be absolutely fine, enjoy!

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