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Round Ligament Pain?


I'm 5+3 with my 2nd and have aching hips and if I get up too quickly or turn over fast I get a sharp pain near my bikini line.

Sounds like round ligament pain but didn't expect it so early. I did struggle with my hips last pregnancy and was refered for physio at 16weeks.

Anyone else got this? Is it too early for this?

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Had it last week ... has subsided the last few days... i am 6w1d with #2
I asked the same question and there were a few ladies who said they felt the same

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Old May 2nd, 2016, 14:41 PM   3
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Just started getting this yesterday. If I cough or move to fast it hurts. I did some looking online and it says you can have it in the first trimester. Have you already had an US to check for ectopic? If not that might make you feel better just to be sure (although it's super rare I think).

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I started experiencing this super early this time (around 7 weeks )
Now at almost 13 weeks in feeling it quite regularly when I move to quickly

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