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I've been having a lot of sex dreams

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Just had a bad one last night
Me and SO went to prom (we're well out of high school irl and I've never been to prom)
For some reason, everyone got ready in these HUGE bathrooms at the school. I was getting ready, and hugely pregnant. I got done and walked out and SO was surrounded by 3 of his ex girlfriends. They were all flirting and laughing and I just kind of deflated. He blew me off the whole prom.
Woke up feeling sad but thankful it was just a dream.
Def didn't tell him about this one!

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Originally Posted by kjb View Post
Since my dream last night I have now dreamt 3 times I was having twins! I am thinking it's because it has been mentioned between my kids and my Husband, so it's just finding a way into my dreams, but it does make me wonder a little bit if I might be having twins!
I keep having twin dreams too! more like twin nightmares! LOL. I would freak out! obviously would feel extremely blessed but I would be terrified too. Twin pregnancies come with a lot of possible problems for mom and/or babies. I already have problems with preterm labor so I would be a nervous wreck the whole pregnancy

I will know for sure on August 19th though...

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I went back to sleep yesterday morning and dreamt that I was coughing up quarters. I coughed them all up but one and the last one was stuck, I could feel it in between my throat and the roof of my mouth and I just couldn't get it out, but I kept trying the whole dream

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I just had dream that we went out for dinner and DH decided to wear a rocky horror style outfit! His hair was a lot shorter as well for some reason! I was walking ahead of him to the restaurant pretending I wasnt with him!

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Glad I'm not alone in this, i've had a dream, two nights in a row, about an online friend that I had an emotional attachment to years ago (i'm talking like probably 13 years ago). They aren't sexual or even romantic, just kinda mundane and have me waking up missing that connection.

Told my husband and he said I prob just needed more cuddling. haha.

So bizarre and out of the blue!

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