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Possibly pregnant?

I'm not even sure if it's physically possible but I thought I would share! About 7 weeks ago I went out for the night and one thing led to another and well, you get the picture.
A few days later I felt absolutely sick and decided to look at my period tracking app and realized that the night we went at it was smack in the middle of my ovulation/fertile time. I was bloated, queasy and my breasts started to ache, this went on for a few more days and then my would be period started (it was a few days early which is really unusual for me because my cycle has been a perfect 28 days for all the years I've been having it and I'm 24 so it's been a while lol)

Anyways I thought it was odd that it was early but didn't think much about it and continued about my everyday life. My period is now going on 8 days late. I missed the entire month of August, I should have started 26/27 but So far nothing. I've been suffering with bouts of heartburn for weeks now but again thought nothing of it until now, the last few days I've had a wicked back ache, been extremely emotional, queasy off and on pretty much constantly and my sense of smell has been off the charts (for example we feed our cat soft food once a day, this evening I was sitting in the living room and I could smell the empty cat food dish from where I was) and I noticed about a week and half ago that I would have sworn I had gained a couple lbs or was at least bloated because some of my usually comfy clothes didn't feel right. My breasts have been sore (especially my nipples) and itchy as well.

Is it even a possibility?

I should mention that we used condoms but right in the middle of the act he did pull out suddenly and change condoms. Looking back had I been more together I should have asked why the sudden change but I digress.

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