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Thank you all for the replies. I feel I have calmed down atleast a little bit! I have my first prenatal physical this coming Tuesday so I hope I can convince them to attempt a doppler or get me into an ultrasound to survive the next few weeks. We have been dying to tell my husband's parents but we're just too terrified at this point to be excited. I'm humbled to know my worrying is very common. I know I have a great chance at bringing baby home and I'm trying to keep that in the front of my mind. Thank you all!

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Fx of you! I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you on Tuesday!!

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Honestly, I dont think the worry ever goes away. It's part of being a mother. I still check my children are breathing at bed time and they're 4 and 2, so I will never not worry xx

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Just wanted to quickly add that I feel the exact same way you do, although I see you had been TTC for so long so I can only imagine how that would influence your emotions. I too was greatly reassured by a strong heartbeat at the 8 week scan and reading encouraging statistics about the % of loss. Every day your pregnancy progresses, the % lowers. There is always a risk but you had passed the highest risk window. My acupuncturist suggested writing 3 things I am thankful for each night in a journal to focus on the sounds corny but it re-trains your brain!! Lots of love to you.

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9 years on and 14th pregnancy in progress and I still panic about mc just as much as the first time!

Your actual chances of MC are really low now, deffo ask about the Doppler! I bought my own to ease the anxiety! Xx

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i completely understand your situation!

I had a m/c 7 years ago, went on to have a healthy baby boy (bleeding throughout that pregnancy too which traumatised me!)

now its 6 years later I'm pregnant again and I am terrified, every cramp, every bit of discharge constantly cant go longer than half hour without checking I'm bleeding. I have booked a private early scan but that is another 2 weeks away.

anyway just wanted to let you know you are not alone!


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