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Originally Posted by 3boys View Post
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Along the top of your pubic bone then angle it around and down very slow rotating movements, might be easiest to start at your artery on the far left or right so you get to know the sounds x
I find that they tend to be hugging behind that so if you tilt Doppler one way you can hear your own hb and tilt it another and you hear baby. Patience is the key early on you have to move so slowly and you can literally go over the same place forever before you find it. It's only in the last 3 days that I've found it instantly.
When I say down I mean like towards your feet, bursting bladder made it easiest with this baby 🙈 But that could be because of my uterus now

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I didn't even know you could buy home versions of this! I'm only 4 weeks atm but when I hit the 8 week mark I may have to buy one xx

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