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Requesting an early U/S?

Hi all!

I'm six weeks exactly today and I'm going absolutely nuts waiting for my first doctor appointment. I researched and found a great doctor but she can't see me until I'm 10 weeks!

Any advice on possibly getting in to have an ultrasound/check on things before then? Like would it be weird to literally just call in an request it?? I'm guessing maybe the nurses are capable of doing ultrasounds. This is my first so I just have no idea what to expect haha.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi and congrats on your BFP

When it comes to early Dr visits, they usually do not want to see you this early unless you are high risk. Such as diabetic, previous miscarriages etc. Don't take it personally...apart from the initial visits I have had to confirm pregnancy there is almost nothing a Dr can do for you until later. This helps to keep appointments free for those who need them.
But, if you have worries, a bleed or any pain definitely. Get an appointment.

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If you're UK, they will usually only do an early ultrasound if you've had bleeding and/or if you've had multiple miscarriages in the past. However, I'm guessing you're States, so I don't really know what their rules are! If you do get somewhere, or have a private scan, I'd try and hold out until 8 weeks if you can. You'll definitely see something at that point and the fetal pole might look a little less like a blob :P

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Second the others. Plus all my 5-6w scans lead to heartache because there's so much inconsistency and growth happening. I always end up needing a follow up so I stress all week. Definitely try to hold out until 10w. And keep in mind it'll be long stretches between scans. I was scanned 5w5 (cramping), 6w5 (follow up since I didn't have a fetal pole), 9w (routine), 12w3 (NT scan), 16w3d (out of pocket/private gender scan long story), 21w (anatomy scan), and 24w (followup anatomy scan). Idk when or if I get scanned again but I know there is not a scan at my 28w appointment. I am getting another 3D keepsake at 27/28, gyn said it was safe. So had I not needing follow ups or had cramping or paid for keepsake scans, I'd only have been scanned three times 7-9w, 12w, and 19-21w. I'm a ftm and I wish I had known I only see my baby a couple times

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