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Anyone get a late BFP? Please read and help!!

Hey everyone

Well AF is officially 4 days late with no sign of showing yet. I have been a POAS addict and must have done at least six since the day before I was due on and they have all been negative up to yesterday. I've been trying not to symptom spot but I can't help but notice I've had sharp stabbing pains in my hips, clear sticky CM and loads of it (it feels like AF has come sometimes) and sharp pains through my nipples and headaches have started today

Surely they wouldn't still be negative now? Did anyone here get a late BFP?

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BFPs can show up late. It all depends on when implantation occured, which happens -on average- 6 to 12 dpo. Then it can take a little while to build up enough hcg in your urine to get a bfp on a FRER.

To put it into perspective, hcg in a non-pregnant woman is 0 and is at least 5 in a pregnant woman. If you implanted on 12 dpo your hcg level might start out at 5, then roughly double every 48 hours. If you go by this theory then you could expect the following:

12 dpo: 5 hcg
14 dpo: 10 hcg
16 dpo: 20 hcg
18 dpo: 40 hcg
20 dpo: 80 hcg

The most sensitive of HPTs will pick up hcg and show a positive when you have 20-25 hcg in your urine. If you are using a FRER the SOONEST you might expect a bfp is 16 dpo. If you are using a generic internet cheapie or another brand that is not sensitive, then the soonest you might get a positive is 20 dpo.

So.... yes, it is possible to get a late bfp. Give the POAS addiction a rest for 2 days and try again, as impossible as that sounds.

There is always the possibility you ovulated later than you thought or your body is just playing tricks on you. Either way, so long as AF hasn't reared her witchy head, then there is hope.

Good luck!

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I didn't get my BFP until I was 1 week late (5 weeks along) with my third-born. She's now 2 and perfect! I hope you get yours (if that's what you want!)!

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I also know of two people who didnt test positive until 6 weeks, so I agree, I don't believe you are out yet.

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Thanks everyone
Now 5 days late and I'm sure this another negative. I've got one more test so going to wait 3 more days. I'm back at work tomorrow so at least that'll keep me busy xx

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Are you sure you ovulated when you thought you did? Xx

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