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Anyone get PG while on BC?

Hello! DH & I have 2 daughter (8 & 3). We had never decided 100% if we were done or if we wanted more kids. Currently, I am on the pill (Ortho Cyclen). I had my period almost 2 weeks ago and the Sunday I was supposed to start my new pack I didn't get to the pharmacy before they closed (didn't realize they closed so early) so I missed the 1st pill in the pack. The next day I asked DH to pick up my Rx while I was at work. When I got home, I asked him and he said he'd forgot (closed again by then). So I missed the first 2 pills in a new pack and started making them up on Tuesday. My question is, Sunday morning we had sex, then Monday I had some cramping, almost like the O pains I had with DD2. Anyone know how likely you are to get PG missing the first 2 pills? I think I have heard the first pills and last active ones in a pack or the worst ones to miss because you're going longer without active pills...?

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My gyn said very unlikely. You have to miss pulls around the time you ovulate to get pg. I think. We had this convo years ago lol so memory is fuzzy. I just know I got pg on bcp when I took antibiotics around o time. My mom missed a pill middle of her cycle and bam preggo twice that way. But I feel like something similar happened to me and I was worried about being unprotected but my gyn said it was fine and I didn't end up preggo. But that's just one experience

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I've never ended up pregnant on the combined pill but I did twice on the mini pill. The first time resulted in my DS, the second time ended in a chemical. I know after that I've decided to never take the mini pill again but my doctor said the chances of falling pregnant on the combined pill are very, very slim even if you do miss a couple during your cycle because they last longer in your system. The mini pill only lasted 24 hours and you had to take it within an hour of the time you took it the previous day which is why I fell pregnant on it.

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