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5 weeks 2 days pregnant... cautious and anxious, what are your symptoms?

Hi everyone

I am cautiously re using this site again after 7 years!
my old username was lauralora (couldn't remember password)

I am 28 years old , I had one previous m/c then went onto have a baby boy who is now six! that pregnancy had its problems such as bleeding after sex and a cervical erosion. but I got there in the end!

currently 5 weeks 2 days and I am as anxious as the first time round! constantly paranoid and checking for blood. my symptoms are hit and miss at the moment, I don't have the usual classic symptoms instead I have

- constipation and trapped wind (has been horrific)
- very occasional nausea
- cramps come and go

that's it ...

please share your symptoms with me

even with the m/c both times before I just had this over whelming feeling I was pregnant, I just new it was that feeling. this time I didn't get that which worries me , am I possibly looking too much into this?

any experience or comments would be appreciated

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Same exact week.... 5 Weeks 2 days

Hi Laura -

I am @ 5 Weeks 2 days too. I was typically a lurker and just a spectator and this time, I am pregnant too. I found out DPO 11.
I haven't told anyone other than my husband at this point.

I am 34 years old. I conceived with the use of Femara 2.5mg + 2000 mg Metformin.

I am quite anxious too as it took us 2 years to conceive.
I had a lot more symptoms last week than I had this week and am freaking out.

Symptoms includes:
- Cramps on and off
- Bloated/windy
- Not so sore anymore nips

I am a POAS addict and test everyday and my pregnant line is darker than the control line but I am still freaked out on why my symptoms are subsiding.

I am see my fertility specialist for an early scan tomorrow until I can see a regular Ob (still selecting one).

Is it normal for symptoms to subside?

Hopefully it works out for both of us.

Good luck

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I am 6 weeks, 4 days so not too far ahead of you

Symptoms include
- Almost constant fatigue (but luckily can get things done)
- Bloating, on and off
- Sore breasts (soreness varies a lot)
- Occasional very mild nausea
- Occasional cramping (started off constant, but has slowly become more rare)

This is my first pregnancy, so I don't have anything to compare to. But I totally get what you mean about not feeling "overwhelmingly pregnant." My symptoms come and go. I've heard that's very normal so not too worried. I think I will start feeling more pregnant once I start showing/get an ultrasound and everything like that.

Maybe this will just be an easier pregnancy for you symptom wise and that's why you don't quite feel it yet! (Besides the trapped wind, ugh, sorry about that) I really don't think it's anything to worry about though. Good luck

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I'm 27 (28 in July). I had zero symptoms week 5 other than bloat. Drove me nuts. Overall, my pregnancy has been symptomless. Some days I forget I'm pregnant lol. Congrats! You're definitely looking too much into it.

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Hi i am a week behind you and found out i was pregnant a week ago. I have short cycles. I have had annoying positive tests followed by a chemical pregnancy twice in the past so i am also worrying that things will go wrong. Last night i was sure my cm
Looked like it could go pink so i came straight to bed and hoping the bathroom lighting was wrong.

My symptoms are waves of feeling a little hungry sick
Lots of cm
Cramps occasionally more in the evening.
Left ovary twinges
Breasts are a little achy

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