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Also having our third here. It was planned, though this is our last baby. We are excited and amazingly I'm not nervous about adding a third. Probably because I'll just freak out later? I hope not! In general, I just feel ready to have this baby in a way that I wasn't with my first (since I had no idea what I was doing) or with my second (since I had no idea what having more than one child would be like). Adding the third somehow doesn't seem as daunting as the first two. 😉

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I'm pregnant with number 3! Dd is nearly 5 and DS 2.5. I have have about 3 years as the age gap this time. I'm delighted at all but also very nervous how I'll manage. DS has additional needs and dh works long hours. I hope I just find a way to happily muddle through!!

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I think the 2 year age gap between my youngest 2 is worrying me the most! ds2 is a very... High maintenance child 🙈 I'm hoping the 3rd just slots in as I found the jump from 1-2 quite difficult!

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This will be my third, but I jumped right into 2 so I am hopeful that one will be much easier and everything will go smoothly not that it ever goes that way lol, I am also between excited and terrified. Same as you this was a complete surprise!

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Pregnant with #3 as well and it was also a surprise! lol

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3rd here too! DS turning 3 in May, DD 7 months, besides a few symptoms I don't really feel pregnant this time and I also go from excited to freaked out 😀This also was a surprise for us!

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Congratulation on the pregnancy! We are also expecting number 3 Excited and scared, feel like a newb all over again! I'm happy but im a little bit upset as i was planning getting back into horse riding but thats ok, just means i get to stare at my new horse riding stuff for another year or so in my wardrobe lol. My eldest DD keeps on saying i am having twins and they will be called Johnny and Lulu, think she may be disappointed when we come back from scan. Both DD are excitedd! Didn't want them to know so early on but my partner told them which i wasnt too happy about as wanted to wait until we at least had our scan but its done now.. Now just have to hope they dont tell everyone


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I am pregnant with baby 3.
I thought I was done having babies haha
My boys are 8 and 5.
They will be 9 and 6 when baby is born.
I am 9 weeks

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Originally Posted by weedle View Post
Anyone else pregnant with their 3rd? Would love to talk to some other mums who are! This was a complete surprise for me so I keep going from excited to terrified I'm 6 weeks tomorrow, having bouts of nausea and sore boobs, other then that I don't feel pregnant. Tbh I don't have time to feel pregnant with my other 2 running around!
Meeee!!! Number 3 (planned and caught first month!) due 18th december. So pleased and happy but other than the exhaustion and some sore boobage, I feel fine!x

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Congratulations! We're also expecting baby #3, due 31st October. We already have 2 boys aged 6 & 3. Definitely feeling a lot different on this pregnancy-exhausted, sore boobs, bad skin, itchy to name a few lol. I'm 13 weeks x

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