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Are you doing things as normal?

Hi ladies i found out on a short cycle that i was pregnant so i am only 4 weeks tomorrow. I have pulling pains and aches and occasionally i have waves of feeling a little yucky. I keep thinking af is arriving but she isn't. Considering i am so newly pregnant i am suprised that i am feeling so pregnant already which makes me question doing the normal things i do.

Obviously i have a toddler who needs lifting into the car and pushchair etc. she needs lifting at the park etc. i still need to cook and clean and stuff and i guess all that is ok to do? With dd i only had me to worry about so I rested alot!! But this time i have got to keep going and i am terrified of the all day nausea kicking in soon. I get wuite anxious when i feel sick as i dont have any help and oh works long hours. I know you just have to crack on with it but i still feel a little worried about coping when feeling rough for several weeks in a row. I hate the first trimester why did nature make it such a sickly time lol

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Yup, everything as normal. I'm on my fifth, and my oldest was 4 when we conceived, so I HAD to lift my four children and my nephew whom I help raise and have at my house 5 days a week. We can't stop our lives for a pregnancy. Yeah, I rested a lot when I had awful nausea, but before and after that, it's business as usual. My doctor tells me I'll know when I'm lifting too much, and I definitely do. Wow. My body tells me. haha. I normally lift 2-3 of my kids at a time until I'm in mid-pregnancy when my body starts to say, "Nope, no more of that!" and I'll get just dizzy and feel really weak if I try.

Nature really did us wrong with making first tri so sickly, but I think it's the only reason we knew we were pregnant before science developed tests, and we had to know so we COULD avoid unsafe things and start preparing for a new baby.

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