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Birth control and pregnancy?

I have a question for you ladies. I took a pregnancy test today which was positive but i started burth control pills on the 7th of this month. Im extreamly worried that taking the pill while not knowing i was pregnant could hurt the baby. Any thoughts or experiences would be nice.

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I conceived my daughter on the birth control patch, lots of babies are conceived on birth control. Try not to worry, birth control mimics pregnancy with synthetic hormones so shouldnt cause harm except taken in really large doses which im sure you weren't doing, congrats. x

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I conceived on the progesterone only pill and didn't know, still took them AND had a mammogram done without protection talk about feeling guilty

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My third-born was conceived while I was taking Ortho Thi Cyclen Lo. The pregnancy went perfectly. My daughter is perfectly healthy. I hope everything goes beautifully for you. This happens all the time!

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No, shouldn't cause any problems. There are loads of women who get pregnant while on the pill and anyway, until implantation, there is no connection between your body and your baby, so at best, you've likely only taken a few pills since then.

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My mom missed a pill to get my big bro and missed a pill to get me. So she finished her pack not knowing she was pregnant. We turned out just fine . I also second that up until implant things don't get to the baby, and even during early implant you're still pretty safe. At least that's what my gyn told me.

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My mother let her soul rest in peace, also was prego of me 4M taking BC & 4M prego with me. I was a Christmas bb, and here I am 44yrs later sharing her success story of my birth. I was born super healthy, so don't worry ; )

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