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Originally Posted by Helabela View Post
Hi hun I'm doing slimming world during this pregnancy as I'm scared il put a rediculous amount in like I did with my first. I'm currently half a stonelighter in 3 weeks. MMy aim was to loose 3 stone (I'm 16 stone so will still be over weight) but now I'm pregnant I'm not sure. Just gunna keep active and eat healthy and keep going to group. X
Ah I've heard a lot of people do slimming world in pregnancy!

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Yup I do sliming world, it's approved by royal college of midwives so your midwife will be happy with it too! They give you a special form and plan to follow in pregnancy

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I'm in the US, my BMI is around 44 and my Dr really got at me about my weight and basically told me I wasn't allowed to gain more than 10 lbs this entire pregnancy and that it was fine to lose a bit.

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