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Spotting/light bleeding experiences?

I've been spotting since the day my period was due. I had a heavier bleed this afternoon (still brown) that has cleared up completely now and my normal spotting seems to have stopped too. Has anybody else experienced this early on? I don't have an official due date yet but I'm approximately 5 weeks. Think I'm just after some reassurance really! Thanks :-)

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If you have an existing OB I would contact their office to see if they can check your hcg levels a couple of times just to make sure your numbers are increasing at least 66% every 48-72 hours. There isn't much on an ultrasound at 5 weeks, nothing to put your mind at ease anyways! I've had two miscarriages before and had a LOT of bleeding and HUGE clots. Hope everything turns out just fine

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I had bright red bleeding for almost a week with this pregnancy and saw a heartbeat after it had stopped. Check out a post I made about it. It has all the details of it and a few other ladies have their experiences too. It's "bleeding normal?" I think was the title.

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