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Is brown discharge between 5 and 6 weeks normal

I started getting brown spotting today I am almost 6 weeks is this normal? Or does it mean miscarriage?? Obgyn won't see me until 8 weeks but how many ladies have had this and pregnancy ended in miscarriage and how many have had it and you had a healthy baby

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I haven't experienced it myself (spotting) but I do know a few family members now are pregnant with spotting and mild cramping and past the 12 weeks and doing great! Light spotting is normal. Heavy bleeding, bright red, and clots are signs of a possible miscarriage (I had heavy bleeding with my miscarriage). I'm sure everything is just fine think positive that's what's helped me!

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It can be normal, but if you have any discomfort with it, do call your doctor back and demand to be seen. Spotting and bleeding do occur with miscarriage obviously, but most instances of it in 1st tri are harmless and those pregnancies go on to be perfectly healthy. With my miscarriage, I honestly only had a tiny bit of spotting (ultimately had to have a d&c 6 weeks later because literally nothing was happening), but with my daughter I had really heavy (like gushing) bleeding. It was later, around 10 weeks, but there was no obvious cause and I never had any more problems after that. I had a healthy, easy pregnancy otherwise. So it isn't always a bad thing. I think the difference really is if you have any pain or cramping with it. Cramping is also normal in early pregnancy, but I think you'll notice a difference between normal mild cramping and being in pain. If it's the latter, I would call your doctor again. Sending you positive vibes that it eases up soon and all turns out well.

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I've gotten implantation bleeding on all three of my pregnancies. The first was at 5 weeks and ended in a miscarriage at 10 weeks, the second again at 5 weeks had a healthy baby boy and my third again at 6 weeks and he was a threatened miscarriage this was my worse pregnancy for bleeding but thankfully he came out happy and really depends on the baby itself and unfortunately there's nothing you can do to stop it or prevent it

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It can be normal yes, i have had it during this pregnancy and I also had fresh blood, I had an early scan and I have a small haemorrhage next to baby's sac, but if your in pain as well I would advise that you get checked out

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I've had spotting/bleeding throughout all of my pregnancies, my first sadly ended in miscarriage, but then I went on to have two healthy girls. It can be completely normal! X

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I had spotting in this pregnancy and was convinced it was a mc. Mine was pinky tinted cm then the next day red cm was wiping away. Enough for me to tell oh i was miscarrying. It stopped after 4 days and im now almost 13 weeks xx

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I had pink, then brown spotting at 5 weeks. The doctor wasn't concerned and when I mentioned it to my midwife at my 9 week booking in appointment she said it was completely normal.

If it gets heavier, red, or is accompanied by pain then speak to a doctor asap. x

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I havnt had no spotting with this pregnancy but when I was 9 weeks pregnant with my son I did. And well, he's nearly 5 years old now

I know it's scary but it's not always a bad thing

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