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Blood taste in mouth?

Just got done eating and as we were driving off all of a sudden I got a bloody taste in mouth and went away after 30 seconds.. my OH said oh you probably just bit your tongue or something.. I looked through my mouth and nothing??????

Haven't gotten a BFP yet but I've been having pelvic pain for the last 3 days... Constant pain..

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a constant metallic taste in the mouth and bleeding gums are both common in pregnancy

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Metallic taste in my mouth was my very first symptom before I got a BFP. I wasn't symptom spotting so I had no idea why I was having it at the time! I remember it happened when I woke up and thinking it was really weird. Got my BFP a few days later!

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Metallic taste is driving me nuts. Pretty common in early pregnancy x

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Very common pregnancy symptom along with bleeding gums and even nosebleeds, which I have had all of in one pregnancy or the other lol. TEST!!!

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Test!!! Please!!

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