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Originally Posted by jaxntango View Post
I'm 11 weeks right now and have been feeling a lot better these last 5 days. I'm still super tired, have stretching pains on and off, and my abdomen feels heavy. I saw baby at 10 wks 3 days so I'm going to assume everything is ok. I hate how my symptoms come and go. It always freaks me out. I'm way less sick now.
Hi I saw your earlier post re yolk sac. I am in exactly the same position. Mine measured 5.7mm at 7 weeks and 6 days (CRL was 18.4). Did everything turn out ok for you??? Fingers crossed and H&H 9 months

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Originally Posted by nordicpixie83 View Post
I have minimal symptoms , the odd ligament twinge , slightly bigger boobs , I'm going to enjoy it whilst it lasts xxx
I spoke too soon . Awful morning noon and night sickness. Boobs are agony and huge already .

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My nausea has totally disappeared at 9 weeks. The up and down symptoms are so worrying when you are constantly thinking about whether the baby is ok x

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