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Runny eggs

Hi ladies,

My midwife has told me it's ok to eat runny eggs now which makes me happy, but I notice NHS choices has not changed it's advice.

Just wondering what other people had been told about this?

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I have being told the same, as long as they have the lion stamp on them, they are ok to eat runny x

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I ate the odd runny egg when pregnant even before it was okay officially. Fortunately salmonella is relatively rare, you are no more likely to catch salmonella when pregnant as you are when you aren't pregnant, although the illness is more serious when you are pregnant. I've never caught salmonella in 28 years of eating runny eggs almost daily.

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I eat mine cooked over easy. The practice I use (in the US) doesn't recommend it. I also make homemade mayonnaise with raw, pasteurized eggs. At least with runny eggs, the white should be at least mostly cooked, and the yolk is normally not dangerous.

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As long as they are lion stamped you're fine! X

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Yes, it the UK it's considered fine to eat runny eggs as generally all our eggs are Lion certified (salmonella free). I didn't avoid them with my first pregnancy either and that was 5 years ago. Unfortunately, it takes time and money to make changes across a system and things are quite tight as it is, so no surprise that some of the guidance is a bit outdated. But yes, generally considered to be safe here. I would be more cautious maybe if you are travelling abroad or don't know where your eggs are coming from.

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We've always bought our eggs from a local farm (since I was 2!) and none of us have ever had salmonella poisoning from their eggs though they aren't officially lion stamped they are a lot fresher (usually freshly laid that day) and are from happy, healthy chickens. I trust them more than I would from anywhere else!

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It's definitely ok, even some of the very newest NHS leaflets etc say it is. But even with my first pregnancy with my son, I was never too worried with UK eggs. They're not MORE likely to contain salmonella just because you're pregnant, it's just that it'd be worse if they did - but who here has ever had salmonella poisoning from a British (lion marked) egg? You're good, don't worry.
In fact, in another country I've spent time in during my pregnancies where I have family, they found it bizarre that I was avoiding things like seafood, pâté, and too much tea or coffee. They were just like what, we've never heard of this. Haha and their babies are just as likely to be fine as ours. It's good that we're precautions, though, of course.

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Won't eat them any other way. I just didn't tell my midwife that. But DS3 fine.

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