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When did you start feeling a slight bump

Besides the bloat! I've been bloated a long time, but I'm talking about the actual baby starting to show. I'm at 10 weeks and 6 days. I started feeling a tiny little bump below my bloat. It just almost kind of feels like just a swollen area where I'd normally get period cramps! It's very uncomfortable to wear regular pants and lately have just been wearing long shirts with shorts unbuttoned.

I'm curious as to whether any of you are feeling your little one growing yet I started noticing this swollen area about 5 days ago. Grow babies, grow! Looking forward to the next appt on monday!

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That's probably your uterus yeah! In my last pregnancy at 10-11 weeks I was noticing a hard bit down low when I lay on my front. With my son I didn't have that so early on. With this one, I'm too afraid to lie on my front! Haha. But I have that swollen area down low too.
If you feel really low down, sort of the pube area and then gradually come up, you should feel a drop off that's the top of your uterus.

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Yeah I would say around 11 weeks first time around, it got harder to do up my jeans! Think I was in proper maternity trousers by 13/14 weeks. This time around I had trouble at about 7 weeks 😂

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I'm almost 12w w #3 and I look as pregnant as I did at 20 weeks w #1 🤔

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I started feeling mine as early as 13 weeks but that was in the morning when I had a full bladder and was laying on my back because it was pushing my uterus up higher. As soon as I peed, it went away. I didn't feel a true bump without needing to have a full bladder until around 15-16 weeks.

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With my first, I could definitely feel just the tiniest something pushing just a little above my pubic bone around 10 weeks. I didn't look any different when standing up, but if I laid down, I could feel it. I was away for work for three weeks from 7-10 weeks and I remember it was just at the very end of that trip I was lying on the bed in my hotel room and first noticed it. I was in leggings and maternity trousers from 6 weeks with that pregnancy because I was so bloated and uncomfortable. I seem to have escaped some of that this time thankfully. I'm nearly 9 weeks and still comfortably in my normal clothes and not as bloated (so far).

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With baby #1 I didn't know until I was 10+ weeks . Was very slim and fit (was riding horses professionally) started showing a neat tiny bump at 13weeks. Number two I was very slim/fit and was in maternity jeans and showing with a neat bump at 10weeks. Baby three I was again very slim and fit , bump appeared at just over 9 weeks and so did my maternity jeans . This time around I'm possibly going to show later with an actual bump as I'm a little bit podgy

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Yep me! Thought it was bloat but when I breathe in or lie down there's a slight bump still there and it's harder than my normal "fat"- I'm a size 10 so pretty sure it's bump

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With my first, I started getting a bump at 16 weeks. With this baby, I'm 12+3 and already have a bump, so much so that a family member said "you look a lot further on than 3 months!" Wasn't quite sure how to take that

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