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Upset stomach?

I'm 12 weeks along with baby #3, and throughout the first tri I've had an upset stomach almost every day. By upset stomach, I mean bowels cramping and feeling like (and actually sometimes having to) I need to suddenly go #2. I never had this with my other pregnancies - is this some weird form of morning sickness? Anyone else experience this? I've only been mildly nauseated this time around, and have only thrown up once, but the upset stomach has been fairly constant.

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For me it's totally normal. Had it in every pregnancy. I've Have pretty bad sickness too though but in my last pregnancy I was only sick once or twice a day and still had it. For me it lasts all pregnancy but hope that's not the case for you.

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Glad you posted this, I have the exact same thing. It's defo a pregnancy thing as it started at the same time as the nausea. Started around 7 weeks for me, nearly 9 now and hoping it will ease soon! For some reason it's usually only first thing in the morning for me.

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Yup , and it's after anything I eat or drink . My tummy hates most food . Constantly nauseous.

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