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Belly button pains

Hello ladies
I'm 12+3 and experiencing achey belly button pains. Did some research and everything said late in the 2nd trimester some women's belly button pops out and that can cause pain sometimes.
I'm plus size so as far as I can tell my tummy just looks a bit plumper nothing significant so I doubt that's what's going on. Already getting stretch marks though (my mother has severe stretch marks that are almost 1/2 inch wide so I figured that would be inevitable)

Is this normal stretching? Or round ligament pains (thought they would be lower)?

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Hi Hun
I'm 12 weeks today and yesterday experienced the same pain. At one point was all over my belly..... a nice bath seemed to ease the pain.
I think at this point so much is changing in our bodies to prepare us for the next stages ... and as we know what's happening we notice every stretch, pain etc,
I'm sure it's perfectly normal I totally understand where your coming from.

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I'm a plus size girl myself and there was a point (don't remember when, sorry) that my belly button hurt on the inside if that makes sense. Everything I read said the same thing you found, it was just stretching and trying to "pop". In my case I think, as gross as it sounds, I was just really constipated because once that cleared the pain went away. Now I'm sitting here at 30 weeks with a non-popped belly button and an alien that likes to kick my hand anytime I touch certain areas of my stomach.

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Baby pops up out the pelvis at 12 ish weeks and a lot of stuff has to get out the way. (This is of course the technical term ) have a nice warm bath or shower

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