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Pregnancy after Preeclampsia

My first pregnancy I was the picture of health beforehand but wound up with severe preeclampsia & had to have an emergency c-section at 29 weeks, baby was in the NICU for over 2 months but is fine now & is 3 1/2. I am pregnant again & in the last few years have been diagnosed with several health problems & had weight gain from them (including: fibromyalgia, hypertension, anxiety, asthma), so I'm worried I'll have preeclampsia again. I'm not due until the mid-end of Feb. 2018 & already not doing so great, so I'm worried about the hospital admitting me for bedrest & then I'll be away from my toddler, which would be heartbreaking (I'm a SAHM). What was your experience with pregnancy after preeclampsia?

Also, I really do not want a c-section if it can be helped (I do not do well at all with numbness, it causes me major anxiety, & not being able to move from the epidural made me feel like I would literally lose my mind). Has anyone had a successful VBAC after preeclampsia and an emergency c-section?

Thanks in advance!

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I'm not sure personally.

Anyone else? x

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I didn't have a section but I was induced with dd2 when I had pre e, though I was at 40 weeks, i didn't have it when I had ds 2 years later, i only had high bp with him. I'm classed as high risk this time because of that and a couple of other issues but hopefully I won't get it again x

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I had severe pre-e at 33 weeks with my first, induced then EMCS.

I had gestational hypertension with DD 2 years later, no pre-e, successful VBAC induced at term (for the hypertension).

I am 40 weeks with my third today, no pre-e, no hypertension, expecting a VBAC again.

I was put on baby aspirin at 13 weeks with DD, at 15 weeks with this pregnancy. Took until 36 weeks (don't want to risk bleeding issues with labor/birth).

Good luck, if you have any questions you can ask me!

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I had severe Pre E and HELLP with my first, I was 35 weeks but it had been left so long myself and my daughter were in a bad way. I was terrified next baby, but I've not had it since (having 7&8 lol). My last baby was a 27 weeker so I understand the NICU journey and it's traumatic in itself. Feel free to pm me anytime x

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Ive been put on asprin this time by the dr as apparently it helps prevent high blood pressure & pre eclampsia. Mine was swinging bp for the last six weeks it reached 130/91 when they induced me at 9 days overdue. So mine obviously wasn't like yours. But maybee asprin will be offered to you at your first scan (12-36 weeks ive got to take it) x

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I am pregnant again as well after having pre-e with my last. Thankfully I didn't really develop it until the end of my pregnancy. I have had two C-sections so far so my doctor said no way to letting me vbac since I had 2 C-sections and I had complications with my last. As of now they haven't officially dubbed me "high risk" but I know I've been skirting that line :P

I would imagine it will depend on if you develop pre-e again or not. Not everyone does and they often will prescribe things as a "preventative". I know many people that have had a successful vbac. I actually planned to vbac with my last but my doctor said inducing me would bring additional risks so she recommended that if I went into labor naturally and I had no complications then I could vbac. She had me schedule a csection tho just in case.

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I had pre-e and was induced at 40+4 (so it came on pretty late, but I had high blood pressure readings off and on for several weeks). I am already showing a tendency to have high BP now at 10 weeks, but I tend to run high even not pregnant so it's not too much of a concern yet.

My midwife wants me on baby aspirin from 12 weeks to 36 weeks.

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I never had pre-e, but I did have gestational hypertension with my first and was induced at 37 weeks for it.

This time my midwife has put me on a baby dose of aspirin in hopes that it'll prevent high blood pressure. I'm 15 weeks now and started it yesterday, she said to take it every day until 36 weeks.

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