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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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I have tried the rewards chart and it did really well for about 2 weeks then he lost interest and didn't care if he got a sticker or reward anymore
I haven't tried a grow clock might look into it...
Do your children go to sleep on their own without you in the room? My boys apart from my youngest won't go to sleep without me being in there to either just sit or hold their hand until they fall asleep.
Since I have made a more consistent routine of teeth toilet book bed every night the waking has become a little less which is good and my eldest lest through until 4:30 this morning in his bed so I am hoping if hubby can get on board with helping me out and sticking to the routine we can snip this before baby comes.

Thank you all so much for the advice I love to hear what other people are doing because it's never one size fits all and it's good to have a few different ideas to try.

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