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Complete loss of symptoms at 8 weeks!


I wanted to get advice on what I should do. Over the course of the past week, all my symptoms have disappeared. My bloating has gone down, my boobs went back to normal size and aren't sore (this one strikes me as especially abnormal), not dizzy anymore, etc.

I am just shy of 8 weeks pregnant. My first appointment isn't until September 10th, but I'm not sure if I can wait for 1.5 more months to know if everything is okay.

Problem is, my doctor office doesn't have an ultrasound machine, so I was told I would have to go to the ER. It seems overkill to go to the ER! I have bad anxiety though, and so waiting 1.5 months to see if everything is okay will ruin me.


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Can your doctors offer you bloods to reassure you? Worth asking if your genuinely concerned.

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It's not entirely unusual for symptoms to come and go, so I wouldn't necessarily let that panic you. It often comes back strong around 9 weeks. I know that's how I was with my first. That said, even when I did have a mc, though I felt different from the start compared to my first (and also this pregnancy), many of my symptoms continued anyway (baby stopped developing at 5 weeks and I was still having symptoms at 11 weeks). So doesn't necessarily mean anything. Can you pay out of pocket for a reassurance scan at a private imaging center? I know it's different here, but we can just go pay and have it done and not go through our midwives or the hospital. I had one done at 7 weeks.

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Try not to panic, I have had absolutely no symptoms at all this pregnancy aside from a bit of hunger related nausea around 5 weeks which quickly went. Scan showed a lovely healthy growing baby! My other two pregnancies were so very different (lots of sick, sore boobs, dizziness etc), I was so worried but just shows no symptoms isn't a bad thing x

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My symptoms disappeared around them too. All except the exhaustion. Then that lifted at 10 weeks. So I got a reassurance scan last week at 11 weeks and everything was fine. I think it's normal for it to fluctuate.

Do you have any private scan places near by? They typically do st and after 8-10 weeks for pretty cheap.

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I wouldn't worry too much based on symptom disappearance - it's probably one of the most asked questions on the first tri forum!
But if you really need reassurance, go to the ER. It's not overkill (I have done so in all my pregnancies) and don't let anyone think you are crazy or paranoid for wanting to know if your baby is ok.

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I had good and bad days. Totaliy normal. No point worrying unless u bleed or have pains that are crampy. I know lots of ladies who felt good and have healthy babies. Xx

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I've read that around 8 weeks is when the placenta begins to take over and your hormones settle back down a bit. Perhaps that is what youre feeling

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That happened to me with my last pregnancy and everything was fine. Doc did a scan, baby was fine, and symptoms came back shortly after. Sorry you're going through this! It can be hard.

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I have had the same worry this pregnancy. My other 3 pregnancies from the day I got my positive test I was throwing up all day every day I was bloated I felt terrible!!! But this pregnancy nothing until 2 days ago and I am 7 weeks now. The only thing is I am completely exhausted but because I have had none of my 'normal' symptoms I was freaking out instead of enjoying the fact I didn't feel so gross lol. Now unfortunately nausea has hit but on an upside it has put my mind at ease.
I would say bubs is fine but like the other ladies have said maybe get a blood test or pay for a private scan to put your mind at ease.

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