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Trying to conceive (TTC)
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Ladies who has used Fertilaid for men? I wanna hear opinions and success stories please. What are the pros and cons? Please tell me your thoughts.

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I've never heard of it, be curious to hear about it though!

Bumping this for you

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We didn't use it but we used a cocktail of supplements/acupuncture/ball icing 😱 to get here. DH had a very very very low, like IVF with ICSI low sperm count and I got a natural BFP. Happy to post what he takes if you like

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I had DH try it for about 3 months but he sucks at taking vitamins which is funny since he has no problem remembering to take his anxiety prescriptions, men. We didn't get pregnant in that time but I think if he had taken it more consistently it would have increased our chances. The bottle says it takes about 3 months to really be effective anyway. We did end up getting a natural BFP months later though, doubt it was related but really never know. DH has very low motility (3%) and low morphology as well so the odds of us conceiving naturally were very very low.

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Used them even did the motility and count boost one, did nothing. Had his numbers tested prior to and after, so to me I think totally not worth it.

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