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Originally Posted by ArtsyLady View Post
Thank you, Kirstie! It really is amazing to be able to labor as you please, eat and drink what you want and have only people you are comfortable with around. I really believe that had I been in a hospital I would have been forced into having another c-section despite the fact that baby and I were tolerating labor fine. All in all I pushed out my biggest baby in just 7 minutes without tearing and had a waterbirth! I wish more people could have, or just be aware of homebirths and how amazing they are!
I completely agree you probably would have. My 2 hospital births despite them being what someone would say a great hospital birth they were terrible after experiencing a home birth, I don't think words can describe the difference in how your body feels and just so much more relaxed and comfortable, I'm so glad you were able to experience that!
There is always so much fear around home birth put out there people aren't giving themselves the opportunity to experience because of the false information that is plastered out there.
My sister was dead against the idea of it and she was my birthing partner so we clashed quite a bit in the weeks leading up to it and then once I had my son she came over hugged me and said " thank you so much for inviting me here for this it was the most amazing experience of my life" her oppinion had completely changed although she still didn't agree with it for herself she thought it was a beautiful and empowering thing to witness.
I am very lucky to such a supportive husband (besides the fact that it is going to cost us ALOT of money) he is more than happy as long as I am happy which is great

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