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Any hints or tips....

....on how to stop worrying so much in the early weeks??

I found out last week that I'm pregnant with baby #3 and I don't remember worrying this much with my girls!! I have a scan booked for 22nd when I should be around 8 weeks to see how far on I am and I don't feel that I will settle and start to relax until then!
I don't know if it's also because I have found out a lot earlier this time or because I don't have many symptoms (yet)

So just wondering if anyone has any tips on what I can do? Thanks xx

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Honestly, for me it was just trying to stay busy and not think too much about it. The early weeks are the worst and they seem to take forever to end. I had a mild case of HG with both pregnancies so it was a little harder for me but maybe go for a walk every other day or just find some you time to relax. I know this might not be very helpful for you but this is what worked for me. Good luck and just try to relax a little.

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