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Getting married. Waxing and hair colour??

Hi everyone!

Am 6 weeks pregnant after trying for over 7 years (SO excited)... but awkward timing as my wedding is scheduled to be in 12 days! The wedding is in France and we're leaving tomorrow. My boobs have grown already and that could pose an issue getting in the dress, but hopefully my future mother in law can help there.

The thing that I'm now concerned about is that I've already booked and paid for all over waxing 2 days before the wedding. I was concerned this was a bit close even before I knew I was pregnant as I'm not used to waxing and have generally very sensitive skin. However, I figured by 48 hrs it would be OK. Now though, I've read how the skin can be even more sensitive when pregnant so am really worried I'll end up with horrible red, bumpy and irritated skin.

Also I had booked in (ammonia free) hair colour and low lights. Is that going to be safe now?

Thanks in advance. X

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Hmm. Can you get them to do a patch test with the wax 24 hours beforehand to see how your skin reacts? You MIGHT just have to shave for the wedding to avoid the risk of dotty red skin.
Hair dye is contentious, I personally wouldn't during pregnancy because it wasn't recommended for so long, but now they all say it's ok (probably even more so if it's ammonia free). Ask your hair stylist if they know any more than that. The only thing I would say is, what will ruin your day is worrying that you've done something to harm the pregnancy and fretting about and potentially regretting it. That's a bigger risk than the risk of actually hurting the baby through dyeing your hair imo.
Congratulations on the pregnancy and in advance for getting married!

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Personally, if you aren't used to waxing, pregnant or not, I wouldn't get it done a few days before your wedding. It's not my sort of thing, but I've gone a bunch of times with friends who were nervous about it because it was their first time or not something they did regularly, and they had awful experiences. One could hardly walk for about a week after she broke out into such an awful rash. Your wedding is for enjoying, and especially being pregnant, you're likely to be exhausted and feeling a bit sorry for yourself already. I wouldn't add an itchy rash on top of that. I don't know about low ammonia hair dye, but generally it isn't recommended to dye your hair (though people do it anyway). I've not dyed my hair since before I had my first 5 years ago though, so maybe there are newer safer options. Personally, I would explain your situation and see if they will offer you a refund. Many of these places require you to disclose medical conditions anyway, so they'll possibly be happy to cancel your appointment rather than risk the liability. Honestly, I would rather be napping than spending time at the salon. Congrats though. Sounds like it's a very exciting month.

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Slightly different option here re: waxing. You should ask if they do sugaring. It is easier on your skin and less painful in general. My skin cannot tolerate wax. I have very pale sensitive skin, but sugaring is fine. It still hurts a bit, but nothing in comparison. It is 100% natural, not hot (so no risk of burns), and they pull in the same direction as the hair growth which leads to fewer ingrown hairs and irritation. I'm still not sure I would do it for the very first time right before my wedding just in case I didn't react well, but if you really want to go for it I highly recommend sugaring as a better option.

I have never died my hair so I have no idea there.

ETA I have done sugaring while pregnant and was pleasantly surprised that it really wasn't that bad, but I am used to it so there is that.

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I've had no trouble waxing while pregnant but I have done it before plenty of times. I would bring your booking earlier and ask for a patch test first though. You might still have some redness after 48 hours. The hair dye I can't help you with but your hairdresser should know. Best wishes for a wonderful wedding and a healthy and happy 9 months!

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I have talked to a few people about hair dye now including hair stylists. The consistent answer I've gotten is when you're getting foil highlights or color there probably isn't anything to worry about. The dye doesn't generally even touch your skin. Dyes are also made much safer so they're supposed to be considered safe for pregnancy.

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I did both last pregnancy (and this one), would say waxing hurts more when pregnant!

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I dyed my hair while I was 11 weeks pregnant, the only problem I had was the colour didn't stick for long. Just make sure it's well ventilated so you're not smelling the fumes the whole time.

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