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Bored...lets hear those nursery themes!!!

I'm an OCD super planner... so even though I'm only 8 weeks this Thursday I've already got names (Lincoln Frasier for boy and Everly Rose Faith for girl) and a nursery them for either...nursery walls are painted light pastel teal/turquoise and I'm going to do gold vinyl wall quotes...all different ones...inspirational...religious...childhood favorites like a bushel and a peck and you are my sunshine..even some Harry Potter lol ...I love to be able to buy as early as possible and this will work whether baby is boy or girl

Anyone else a plan ahead kinda person and have a theme already ?

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Ha, I must be your exact opposite. We did freshly paint the walls with our daughter and get a special light shade to match. But we never had a theme or anything matching. I'm not that organised! We bedshare, so she hardly used her room until she was 3 except for changing and storage. This one will likely sleep with us til that age again. We will do a nursery again mostly for changing and to keep a wardrobe for clothes. We won't paint the walls this time (we rent and I can't be bothered to paint them back when we move in a couple years), but we will set the cot (with over cot changing mat), wardrobe, and a book case in there for books, toys, supplies. I'd like to hang a few things on the walls this time (family photos and art), which we meant to do with our daughter but didn't get around to until she was a bit older. We do have names picked out though, but we've had those pretty much since we had our first. That's about as much forward planning as I manage!

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I love to plan too and would probably be working on a nursery already or at least planning except for two things.
1. I had a missed miscarriage in April so pretty nervous about doing anything
2. We are in an apartment and will be moving cross country next July (baby is due in March). It really leaves me unsure of what to do. We have a second bedroom that could be a nursery, but I doubt the baby would even sleep in there in those first few months.
So I just daydream about our future post-move house and what a nursery might look like there.

I think it is great that you are already working on it! I think it would be a lot of fun to design a nursery!

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