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3 Faint positives and 1 digital positive. Irregular AF, non since May.How many weeks?

Hello everyone

I have taken a 4 tests over the last few days, 2 with really faint lines that i wasn't sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me! So i decided to try a digital and i was sure it would be negative, but it came back positive.

I have very irregular periods, my last one was May!! So i have no idea when i ovulated. I am guessing that with the faint positives i am possibly no more than 3 weeks maybe?? We have only been having unprotected sex for about 2 months really and i am very surprised about this, i honestly thought it would take me a lot lot longer. I can go 2/3 months with no AF.

I have a ds who is 7, i found out when i was about 7 weeks with him. I was used to no periods so i didn't expect anything, it was the sickness that gave it away haha.
Symptoms right now -
Sore boobs
Very tired
achy legs???
back ache at the bottom of my back

Waiting for the dreaded sickness to begin...

I am just wondering, if you was to guess how many weeks? 3?4?

Thanks very much xx

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Have you tried a test that tells you the weeks? If you add 2 to the number it should give you a rough idea. Your doctor should also arrange an early scan. Congrats

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You won't really know how far along you are by your symptoms. The best way is contacting your doctor and getting a dating scan. Congratulations!

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If your tests are faint, I would guess somewhere between 3-4 weeks.

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