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Less exciting pregnancy with your second?

Hi all,

My husband and I are very blessed and thrilled to be expecting our second - on our first cycle trying! But we are considerably calmer/less excitable this time and that seems to be making me anxious. For those of you with 2 - did you feel like your second pregnancy was emotionally different than your first? Any thoughts on the benefits/downsides to having done it before?

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Hi HappyWife90,

Don't worry I was the same!
I think with the second one, you just know what's to be expected. Plus, you've already got a little one to take care of just enjoy it

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I definitely think it's less of a big deal. Everything felt like a huge deal and I was constantly aware that I was pregnant with my first, even though I had an easy, straightforward pregnancy. It's just I thought about it more and was just more conscious of it and it was all so new. This is my 2nd and it's not much different than life is normally (except sadly, I can't have wine). Some days I even forget I'm pregnant! I'm 16 weeks now. Even things like feeling movement, I've been like, okay, yeah, there you are, feels just like that time, and that was it. I also think it just depends very much on what your life is like too. I was working from home 100% when I was pregnant with my 1st, so I didn't have much to do except sit around the house and work and think about being pregnant. Now I have a 4 year old, a much busier career, travelling for work, etc. and I honestly just don't have time to think about it too much.

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I understand what you mean, but it doesn't mean you'll love your 2nd baby any less than the 1st

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I was the same and felt much more laid back about things the second time

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It's somewhat the opposite for me, actually. Mostly because my first was a teen pregnancy, I felt I couldn't be excited for it. I always feel bad about it actually.

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I'm exactly the same, with my son, everything was new and exciting. I wasn't working so I had more time to sit and ponder my pregnancy. Now on the other hand, I'm working full time and have my son to keep me busy in the days I'm not working so I don't have the time to sit and contemplate it all and how exciting it is, some days in fact I even forget that I am pregnant because I'm so busy!

I feel I should be more excited than I am and I'm really trying because it's my partner's first baby so it is all new to him still but it's just not the same as your first time is it!

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I can also relate. I'm having no complications this time and I kinda know what to expect. I'm surprised how fast it seems to be flying by. But I think having a toddler, working full time, and really nothing significant happening it's just not at the forefront of my mind.

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Yeah i think it actually has come to think about it. My expectations about the scans were not the same this time. I was happy & relieved but the fuzz wasn't there. Also last time i was counting down and having weekly updates on babies progress put on fb from bounty but this time i put alot less out there.

Also i am controlled more shopping wise. Less outfits etc. im still organised but with my daughter i got loads of outfits and planned what she was gunna wear in hospital, this time tho its just got 4 sleepsuits to take in. I think your first you have more time to focus on everything but with your second life goes on abit because you have to do things for your children and cook and do school/nursery/playgroup runs. Im cleaning up afyer a toddler who wont settle at night all the time to so i dont get time to really sit and take in anything. Last time I remember sitting in her room and just folding everything and planning different things.

So yeah i think life is to hectic. Also im aware this time i wont be able to come home and lay in bed in the morning as they sleep away in the moses basket. My daughter will need me. Those first few weeks i feel will be a rush of midwives and visitors and me trying to get it right between my daughter and newborn. Its such a big change this time. Plus im due at christmas and i dont obviously no if i will get to spend it with my little lady which also makes me feel abit guilty. I hope little man joins us before xmas eve or after boxing day.


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Hello I'm currently 32 weeks with my second another little boy that we are extatic about.

It definitely is different excitement wise as far as doc appoinments & pregnancy milestones & even the families excitement I find is way lower. For me the ultrasounds were still exciting!

Now that I'm in my 3rd trimester and getting closer to meeting the new little one my excitement is more In wondering if he will look like his big brother, will he be bigger or smaller? Will he be a quiet and calm baby like his brother? Will I be successful with breast feeding this time? How is my 1st boy going to react? It's just a different kind of excitement.

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