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High hcg.

Pregnancy after an ectopic so I'm nervous. Nervous also as I had a hsg day before conception.

17dpo levels of 3,012
11dpo they were only 12

I'm paranoid about molar. Well I'm still worried another ectopic tbh and high levels not good with that.

I'm a ball of stress these first two weeks with fear of ectopic. I've had multiple miscarriages so its not even fearnof that, with ectopic I felt I was a ticking time bomb. Hard to relax

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My last pregnancy was a partial molar. I don't know what my levels were as they aren't routinely checked in the UK.

I'm pregnant again now and I've asked lots of questions about my levels and everyone has been a bit vague. Basically what I'm told is that HCG levels can't diagnose molar pregnancy alone and levels are different in every woman and every pregnancy. I'd hazard a guess that mine are lower this time as I feel less sick, but I'm not sure. I was given an early scan at 6 weeks to check the pregnancy is viable, but other than that i'm on my own.

If there's a foetus present at your first scan (I presume you'll be getting an early scan with a history of ectopic) that will rule out a complete molar. With a partial molar it would most likely present as a 'normal' misscarriage during 1st trimester. It isn't easily diagnosed with a scan. I had an early scan at 9 weeks due to bleeding and the EPU discharged me as having an viable pregnancy. I had to go back a week later as the bleeding persisted an which is when it was discovered the HB had stopped. It was only discovered to be molar asmy hospital routinely sends a sample to histopathology to check what they've removed is pregnancy tissue.

Not sure what I can add really, there's nothing I can see that will make it feel any better. I had my booking in appointment with my midwife today who said that how you and I feel (I'm also paranoid about another molar and so far the pregnancy is viable) is normal and a way we protect ourselves from having had a loss/losses.

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