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So I am 4 plus 3. Today I went to and stopped by my friends house after work and we were sitting in her yard and i noticed a smell. I asked and she said o my yard was sprayed by a company this morning with insectide. So I went inside immediately after that. I was only outside for about 8 minutes. The yard was sprayed 12 hours before I got there.

I am panicking I did harm.

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We encounter so many environmental/food/stress/you-name-it hazards each day, and fortunately our bodies do a pretty darn good job of filtering it out for us, and especially for the babies we carry. You'll be just fine

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Please don't worry. As pp said, we breathe in so much nasty stuff every day. You're exposed to a lot more noxious gas just walking down a busy street than 8 minutes where pesticide was sprayed 12 hours before. I'm the biggest worrier ever and even I'm telling you please don't be worried about this
At 16 weeks I did about 2 hours of solvent based gloss painting without thinking till AFTER that it might be harmful, and I googled an absolute ton and 100% found that the only way your body won't filter this stuff out before it touches the baby is if you have prolonged exposure day in day out for several days. A short one off exposure will definitely not do any harm. Hth

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