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Very worried with Neural Translucency 12 weeks

Okay so first off i am by no means a medical doctor or sonographer so i know i have no business worrying about this but i still am I had my NT scan yesterday, baby was good and moving lots. She measured arms, legs and head and of course the fluid behind baby's head - she measured it as 2.2mm now i know most places i've read anything under 3 is good, some even say cut off is 2.5 that means i'm almost right at the cutoff "cue freaking out" so of course i'm madly searching google and finding conflicting results everywhere. Last night i even pulled out my file from when i had my son's done his was 1.0mm now i'm very worried. I know being 26 years old reduces my risk and i still need the results from the combined blood work but i am just so worried especially knowing my son's was so low.... i almost wish i had never even looked at the number - sonographer did not seem worried at all, she even showed me when she measured the nasal bone so i know it was there but ugh i'm a mess

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I can't remember exactly what mine was with this baby but I remember thinking shit that's close to the cut off. I'm 26 too. The combined screening results came back low risk. The cut off is where it is for a reason - if measurements below it were still considered a risk, they'd move the cut off down! Try not to worry. If it's below 3 it's not high risk. You'll find out the risk for sure soon enough. Didn't have the combined test with my son, just the nuchal tr measurement so had to just go off that (he's fine). Hope you're not waiting long for your results but try not to worry in the meantime!

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The nuchal translucency isn't that accurate a test and yours is low anyway. I would wait for the combined blood test result and if you are still worried do the panorama or harmony test privately. I had it done because my last loss was trisomy 21 (but baby had actually stopped developing so it was an MMC at 10&2).

The NT test and combined blood screening are 80-85% accurate so an increased reading often means nothing because it's not like it's 100% accurate - and no way is yours increased!

The chances of it being a chromosomal issue (especially at your age) are tiny.

Hugs xxx

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