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I self refered online with my chosen hospital! But yeah definitely see another doctor!! Xx

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Originally Posted by Talia12 View Post
Originally Posted by sevenofnine View Post
They set my first appointment for next Tuesday... I'll be 14 weeks!
That's crazy, are you in the UK? They can only test for sickle cell and thalassaemia before (I think) 10 weeks, which is why the booking in appt is usually before then. But yeah mine wasn't till 11 weeks because I knew I wasn't at risk for those. But I've never heard of anyone not seeing a midwife until after their 12 week scan!
I'm in the US, and yes last time I my first appt was at 8-9 weeks. This time I'm not sure why it's so late? We generally don't get a 12 week scan though, only one at 20 weeks.

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