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Slowly rising HCG levels

Hello all. I am new here and just looking for some feedback. I am 39 and recently found out I was pregnant. This is my 8th pregnancy. I have two boys, ages 17 and 5 and have had 1 ruptured ecoptic and 3 miscarriages. I am approximately 5 weeks, 4 days with EDD of May 1st and this is a completely unexpected pregnancy.

I have been experiencing some left side pain and subsequently had 2 U/S and 3 HCG levels drawn. The plan is to get another HCG level done next Tuesday followed by a repeat U/S as we haven't seen anything on the previous 2. My HCG levels are as follows.

1st HCG 336

2nd HCG 442

3rd HCG 515 --- last level was drawn yesterday and there was a 48 hour difference between each level.

So, they are going up but they are not doubling which would be ideal but my doc would have been happy with 60% increase.

I'm not really sure what to think at this point. This is also the first time I've ever monitored HCG levels so I cannot compare to past expriences. I didn't even know I was pregnant with my ectopic until I went to ER for pain which was because it ruptured. And I've had misses between weeks 6-8 in the past.

Just looking for feeback from others. Thanks

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While a slow rising hCG level could indicate an impending miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy, they are not so slow as to mean you may just be in the 15% of women whose hCG levels are low/slow, but still result in a normal pregnancy. ... If it's a miscarriage, that will become apparent without an injection.
Hope this helps.

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