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Tell me your late BFP stories!

Hey girls!
I'm currently a week late. Feeling exactly the same as I did early on with my son.. with one stark difference - negative tests!
I havent a clue what's going on and trying not to get my hopes up so I thought maybe you could all endulge me with your late Bfp stories?
My doc said it's common to not get a positive until two weeks late! I'm going out of my mind after a week 😂
So when did you get your Bfp?
Congrats to all! 😁💕

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I never tested with any of my pregnancies until I was about two weeks late or with my first I was even later. ( irregular periods, would go three months at a time without one. ) but I always tested two weeks late over here!

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When I was pregnant with my third baby, I finally got my BFP at 5w along. I'd gotten negatives every day from 7DPO until that point, which was 21DPO. I KNEW I was pregnant so just kept testing. With my other four babies, I got my BFP before I was late, so I'm not sure why it was so late with her, but she's just fine and perfect. My sister got her BFP 2 weeks late with her first baby (who's now 15) and right on time with her second. So, it's definitely possible to be pregnant. Good luck!!!!! I hope you get the result you're looking for.

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