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How Far Along..

Hi Everyone,

I'm hoping I belong here, I've done a few pregnancy tests but unfortunately none of the clear blue ones with the indicator as I live remotely and our local supermarket didn't have any...

My period started on August Third, I tested on August 31st and the test came back negative.

Then I tested on the sixth of September and the test came back positive!

I went to doc today who did a transvaginal ultrasound but couldn't see anything!..

I'm not sure when I ovulated and I don't know how far along I'd be I'm guessing quite early.

Should I be worried? Or can anyone decipher my cycle and maybe tell me how far along you think I am?

I'm a stress head!

Much appreciated xx

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If your period came on the 3rd of August you would be 5 weeks and 5 days pregnant based on a 28 day cycle. However you got a negative test on what I think would have been day 28 of your cycle (I got a positive on day 25 of mine) which makes me wonder if you ovulated late/ have a long cycle. In which case you may only be 5 weeks or less along and it possible your doctor wouldn't be able to see anything even with a TV ultrasound.

I'm afraid all you can really do is wait but I wouldn't be too worried at not seeing anything this early.

Good luck.

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I am similar to you.

Started AF on August 5th. had postitive OPKs on CD17+CD18 (Aug 21st & 22nd) DTD only on CD18 and had a positive HPT on Sept 4th which I believe would make me 5 weeks today so you should be similar to me give or take a day or 2 x

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